« UN Food Price Debate 26th July calls for true pricing food»

Published on 26-07-2021

Today, during the first day of the Pre Summit of the UN Food System Summit, TAPP Coalition organised an official UN side event: the UN Food Price Debate. Most speakers called for 'true pricing' policies on food with negative impacts on health or sustainability (like sugar, meat, ultra processed foods) and price reductions for vegetables and fruits. 

You can watch the recorded event here: 


See the Powerpoint presentations here:
*Presentation Meera Shekar
*Presentation Barry Popkin
*Presentation Jaap Seidell
*Presentation Jeroom Remmers

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16th September 2021, the UN Food System Summit scientific report confirmed the recommendations of the UN Food Price Debate, see linkedin post: 


13.30-13.35 – Welcome by moderator prof. Jaap Seidell
13.35-13.45 – Presentation by Jeroom Remmers, director TAPP Coalition about true pricing 
of meat and reducing taxes on healthy food. Carbon pricing food campaign. 
13.45-13.50 - Prof. Jaap Seidell, Health and Food, VU University Amsterdam: scientific 
Evidence of financial instruments for realizing national dietary guidelines goals
13.50-14.00 - Meera Shekar /Barry Popkin, World Bank, authors of report ‘Obesity - Health 
and Economic Consequences of an Impending Global Challenge’ – recommendations for all nations to tax unhealthy food we eat too much (eg sugar, meat).
Meera Shekar is Global Lead for Nutrition within the World Bank. Barry M. Popkin is Jr. Distinguished Professor, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and founder Global Food Research Program, UNC
14.00-14.05 - dr. Helena Wright, Policy Director FAIRR – food price changes and GHG-emissions
14.05-14.20 – Panel discussion. 
Online event organized by TAPP Coalition. Email: info@tappcoalitie.nl

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