« Majority Dutch Parliament wants insight into True Pricing in all Dutch sectors»

Published on 27-06-2023

On Tuesday June 20th, Dutch Member of Parliament Raoul Boucke submitted a motion for true prices. We are thrilled to see that the coalition of parties supporting this motion are already forming a majority, for the vote that will occur next week.

Addressing the cabinet about their climate commitments, Raoul Boucke asks the government to go one step further towards true pricing.
Raoul Boucke (D66 party): "Considering that a true pricing system can ensure better consideration of climate and environmental damage, making sustainable choices more attractive, I request the government to assess the sectors where true pricing is not yet implemented, I request the government to determine how consumers can gain more insight into the true price of products, and to explore the means by which the government can contribute to the establishment of a true pricing system, and inform the parliament about it in spring 2024."

This proposal also received support from MP's of three other political parties: VVD, CDA, and Christen Unie.

Although this is currently just a research initiative, this exciting move demonstrates to the cabinet that hundreds of companies and thousands of consumers are already supporting true pricing. It highlights the many innovative implementations of true pricing in farms, shops, boardrooms, town halls, and even the tax office. It underscores the fact that everyone ultimately benefits in an economy where real prices prevail.

Let's make it happen!

Raoul Boucke motion video

Source: https://trueprice.org