« Environmental Taxation Conference in Paris discusses TAPP food pricing proposal»

Published on 07-09-2023

France - Today we are proud to announce that TAPP Coalition is once again participating in a prestigious international environmental conference, the 2-day conference on environmental taxes in Paris. Earlier this year on April 13, TAPP Coalition organized a successful roundtable debate in the French Parliament, where we presented an important report by CE Delft on tax reform related to food in favor of climate and public health. This report is also at the heart of today's presentation in Paris. If EU countries raise VAT on vegetables, fruit, cereals and bread to 0% and raise VAT on meat and dairy to the highest rate, food for consumers will be 15 to 50 euros cheaper per year.

TAPP's involvement in the 24th Global Conference on Environmental Taxation (GCET) in collaboration with Paris-Dauphine University is an excellent opportunity to publicize our mission and concrete green taxes for food products to a large international audience of experts in environmental taxes. The GCET is the world's leading meeting for exchanges on the principles and practices of environmental taxation and other market-based tools designed to protect the environment and promote sustainability. This event brings together leading experts, policymakers and scientists to discuss innovative approaches that will impact and save the future of our planet.
As with previous conferences, TAPP will actively participate in conversations and discussions on taxing food to improve both public health and the environment. The CE Delft report, entitled "Pay as you eat dairy, eggs and meat. External cost estimates and policy options to internalise," will again be the focus of our presentations during parallel sessions. This report describes how taxes on healthy and climate-friendly food can be reduced (0% VAT) and how taxes on meat, dairy and eggs, with a more negative impact on the climate, can be introduced, such as a consumption tax or VAT increase. The report, published in March 2023 on behalf of TAPP, also includes a plan for an ETS for agriculture.
We are pleased to announce that a selection of the GCET's best contributions will be published this year in Edward Elgar publishers' renowned journal "Critical issues in environmental taxation", giving our work and efforts for a more sustainable future worldwide recognition.
TAPP remains committed to creating awareness and promoting policy changes that have a positive impact on both public health and the environment. We look forward to fruitful discussions and collaborations during the GCET and continue to strive for a healthier and more sustainable world for all of us.

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