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Published on 29-10-2020

An online event took place on Thursday 12 November:. the EU food price debate - getting the prices right. This in response to the publication of the EU Green Deal - Farm to Fork Strategy on 20 May. What does this bring for environmental, nature and health benefits and what does it mean for organic farming? How will food prices change if the healthy, most environmentally friendly choice is to become the easiest choice? Will there be a 0% VAT rate on (organic) fruit and vegetables and how will Europe, Germany or the Netherlands increase the price of meat?

Here is the link to see the full event (1,5 hour), with password:  ?+p^rRc0


Here you can find all the PowerPoint presentations:

- IFOAMOE_EU Food Price Debate_True Cost Accounting
Manfred Aben Unilever - 13 Nov EU Food Price Summit
EU Food Debate 12-11-2020 Tapp Coalition presentation final 
TAPP coalition Food Pricing - EEB - Nov 2020
Food in ENV EGD initiatives
- Heinrich_Snell_TAPP


·       Dr. Hinrich Snell, German Agriculture Ministry (Head Animal Welfare Strategy)

.       Guido Landheer, director International Agro-economic Policy Dutch Ministry of Agriculture

·       Anne Burrill, DG ENV, Acting Head of the LIFE Nature Unit, European Commission

·       Silvia Schmidt, Food Policy Officer IFOAM Organics Europe

·       Celia Nyssens, Policy Officer for Agriculture, European Environmental Bureau

·       Jeroom Remmers, Director of True Animal Protein Price Coalition

·       Manfred Aben, Global VP Science & Technology, Unilever 

·       Chair: Gerben Jan Gerbrandy, former MEP (Alde/Renew) 


15.30-15:35  Introduction by the Chair about the Farm to Fork Strategy 

15.35-15.45  H. Snell, German Ministry of Agriculture: animal welfare levy on meat 

15.45-15.50  G. Landheer, Dutch Ministry of Agriculture: Dutch position F2F Strategy, diets & pricing   

15:50-16:00  S. Schmidt: Farm to Fork Strategy and the 25% organic agriculture target

16:00-16.10  C. Nyssens: Food production: from polluter paid to polluter pays?

16.10-16.20   A. Burrill: Food and the European Green Deal environmental initiatives

16.20-16.30   J. Remmers: Farm to Fork and meat: best options for higher meat prices

16.30-16.35   M. Aben (Unilever): ‘Plant-forward’ - Facilitating the food transition

16.35-16.50   Debate with panel members

16.50-17.00   Debate with panel members -   responding to questions from audience

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