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Published on 04-11-2020

Looking for a Fundraiser for the True Animal Price Protein Coalition

The True Animal Protein Price Coalition (TAPP Coalition) is looking for a fundraiser on a "no cure no pay" basis.

The TAPP Coalition's mission is a sustainable, climate-friendly, healthy and animal-friendly food supply, starting with meat and dairy. That is why the TAPP Coalition wants to realize a price increase of approximately two euros per kilo of meat in the Netherlands and other EU countries within two to three years: the True Animal Protein Price, based on the actual environmental costs.

Fundraising tasks (preferably an experienced fundraiser):

- For each planned activity or for multi-year activities you are looking for a suitable fund to submit an application;

- You prepare the application in consultation with the director of the TAPP Coalition.

- Keeping up with new opportunities for fundraising at home and abroad.

- Time indication of the assignment: use an average of 8 hours per week that you work flexibly, as long as applications are submitted on time.

What do you get from us?

- The "no cure no pay" contract works as follows: with a successful subsidy application with proceeds of 50,000 euros or higher, you will receive a fee of 5%. At a yield between 25,000-50,000 euros you will receive a fee of 7.5% and under 25,000 euros a fee of 10%.

- The TAPP Coalition is located in Amsterdam where you can work, but this can certainly also be done flexibly, from freelance spaces/cafés or from home.

- You will receive good personal guidance from experienced campaign leaders/lobbyists, to help you with the application and in your personal growth.

- A dynamic environment with various partners and stakeholders, and nice interesting people and meetings.


Do you see yourself contributing to a better and more sustainable world and do you think you are suitable to fulfil this position?
Do you also want to help the TAPP Coalition achieve its goal within two to three years? Contact us via info@tappcoalitie.nl. More info: www.tappcoalitie.nl and tappcoalition.eu.

Current petition: https://goodfoodprice.eu


We look forward to your response!


Sustainable greetings,


Jeroom Remmers & Armanda Govers

Director TAPP Coalition & Board member TAPP Coalition

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Jeroom Remmers is founder and director of the TAPP Coalition; he previously worked at Greenpeace, Milieudefensie, Natuur en Milieu, but also at consultancies, De Groene Zaak (green VNO-NCW) and the Association of Investors for Sustainable Development.

He led several successful consumer and lobby campaigns such as 25% shrinkage in pig farming, the Netherlands goes organic!, Cow in the meadow and Fair Milk Campaign (Milieudefensie). He wants to use his large network in the food and agriculture sector and the climate movement to arrive at a large coalition for meat with a true price, a consumption tax on meat, so that less meat will be eaten. The proceeds are used to make agriculture more sustainable, to lower the VAT on fruit and vegetables and to compensate for lower income through a higher health insurance premium. Eating less meat makes you healthy and lowers healthcare costs, which are now rising by more than 3 billion euros a year, partly due to excessive consumption of red and processed meat.

Armanda Govers is founder and coordinator of ‘Even Geen Vlees’ (evengeenvlees.nl).

From October to December 2015 she attended a reality TV program Utopia to inspire viewers to consume less animal protein and more plant-based foods. For the planet, for humanity and everything that lives on Earth. She currently works within ‘Even geen vlees’ on Vega-minded street advertisements and via mainstream media channels; mainly bus shelters and spreads at NS stations.