« TAPP Coalition Position on the EU Sustainable Food Systems Law and ETS

Published on 26-07-2022

On 28 April, the European Commission opened its public consultation for the sustainable food system framework initiative. All stakeholders, including citizens, were invited to provide their input to this public consultation. 

The legislative framework on sustainable food systems will lay down general principles and objectives for sustainability labelling of food products and for minimum criteria for sustainable public procurement of food. This framework also foresees a definition of what a sustainable food system entails.

The European Commission takes into account the replies given by stakeholders during the public consultation to shape the legislative proposal on sustainable food systems, as was announced in the EU Green Deal for food systems in 2020, the Farm to Fork Strategy.

TAPP Coalition wrote a position paper and made suggestions on subjects such as true pricing of food products, greening of the VAT tax system for food products, sustainability labelling, sustainable public procurement and legal obligations for retail/supermarkets on governance and monitoring of food related GHG-emissions,

The deadline for replying to this public consultation was 21 July 2022.

The EU Commission asked a consultancy firm earlier in 2022 to write a report on how to implement the polluter pays principle in agriculture and food systems for GHG-emissions. This report will be published end of 2023. The budget is 300k. The EU Commission also TAPP Coalition to submit a proposal for this report, but TAPP Coalition appeared to be too small as an organisation to be eligable. The EU Commission is aware about the ideas of TAPP Coalition on how to include livestock into the ETS system, in a similar way like New Zealand will do by 2025.

In February 2022, TAPP Coalition sent an email to the EU Parliament (and the EU Commission) with a ETS Position Paper how to include livestock into the ETS system, to reduce GHG-emissions from livestock in line with the Paris Climate Agreement. In the EU fit for 55 climate policy package for 2030, livestock is the only sector proposed not being part of the ETS. In the autumn of 2022, TAPP Coalition will publish a new CE Delft report on how the EU commission can act to reduce GHG-emissions in the food system and livestock sector.