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Published on 06-07-2024

The Africa Climate Action Initiative (ACAI), active in 16 African countries and partner organisation of TAPP Coalition, participated in the international conference on afforestation and reforestation which was held from July 2 to 5, 2024 in Congo Brazzaville. This high-level assembly brought together heads of state, members of government, ministers of foreign countries, heads of diplomatic missions, representatives of international and sub-regional organizations, members of international institutions, heads of of country delegations, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), etc., focused on sustainable forest management, climate resilience and ecological restoration. ACAI's participation underlined the initiative's commitment to transformative climate action and promoting international collaboration to combat deforestation and promote reforestation.

One of the highlights of ACAI's engagement at the conference was the presentation and distribution of leaflets advocating the TAPP Coalition's initiative on pricing agri-food greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in OECD countries and China. This advocacy is crucial for the Loss and Damage Fund, aimed at mitigating the adverse effects of climate change on vulnerable communities. ACAI's Public Private Partnership Regional Technical Advisor Mr. ONGOUNDOU Bienvenu and Ms. Kibamba Joviane, executive director of the NGO One Forest Youth Initiative Congo (OFYI Congo), member of ACAI, meticulously prepared the leaflets, ensuring that they were informative and compelling, effectively communicating the urgency and importance of the TAPP Coalition's proposal.

The leaflets were distributed to a number of influential figures, including Ministers of Congo Brazzaville Ms. Rosalie Matondo, Gabon's Brigadier General Maurice Ntossui Ollogo, Nigeria's Environmental Minister Mr. Mahan Balarabe Abbas Lawal, CHAD Mr. Idriss SALEH BACHAR, M. Diosdado Obiang Mbomio, Minister of Forests and Environment of Equatorial Guinea, from Ghana Mr. AKWASSI SI Konadu, from Uganda the Honorable Beatrice Anywar Atim, as well as the Commissioner for Environment, Natural Resources, Agriculture and Rural Development of the Commission of the Economic Community of Central African States (ECCAS) Mr. TABUNA Honoré. Each minister received personalized briefings, highlighting the specific benefits and strategic importance of the TAPP Coalition's pricing mechanism for agri-food GHG emissions in OECD countries and China. This targeted approach aimed to galvanize political will and obtain signatures from these countries to support TAPP's advocacy at COP29. During the last COP28 UN Climate Conference, 3 African Environmental Ministers signed a letter urging OECD countries and China to start pricing agri-food GHG emissions and using part of tax revenue for climate finance for the Loss and Damage Fund. This letter was signed by ministers of Nigeria, Uganda and Congo (DRC), representing 30% of African people. Ministers already informed of this letter have promised to communicate this initiative to their fellow ministers. 

In addition to leaflet distribution, ACAI engaged in a series of strategic interviews with key stakeholders to further strengthen their advocacy efforts and strengthen their alliances. An interview took place with the head of the environment division of the African Union (AU), Ms. Jihane El Gaouzi, where discussions focused on the institution's support for advocacy and the exploration of avenues for progress. Financial and technical support for afforestation and reforestation, water, energy and agriculture projects.

The ACAI also had an interview with the Director General of Environment of Gabon Mr. Stanislas Stephen Mouba. This interview was particularly important, given Gabon's leadership in forest conservation and its proactive stance on climate change.

Further strengthening its collaborative efforts, ACAI met with the 2nd Vice President of the Economic, Social and Environmental Council of Gabon, Mr. Nicaise Moulombi. This commitment aimed to integrate socio-economic and environmental perspectives into the climate action discourse, ensuring that afforestation and reforestation initiatives not only address ecological concerns, but also contribute to sustainable economic development and social well-being.

The conference was also an opportunity for the ACAI to contact the delegations of Mozambique Mr. Elias Matsinhe, of Kenya Ms. Fiesta WARINWA, of Angola Mr. Miguel XAVIER, of the European Union in Congo Ms. Séverine DEMERRE as well as from the Private Sector Dr Bernard CASSAGNE and Mr. Keme OYERI from Foret Ressources Management (RFM) and finally Mr. Aymar DELMAS EBIOU from the Société Nationale du Pétrole du Congo (SNPC). These meetings facilitated the exchange of knowledge and experiences, highlighting successful afforestation and reforestation projects and discussing the challenges faced by each country. ACAI stressed the importance of a unified African position on climate action, advocating for the TAPP Coalition proposal as a way to build collective resilience and secure the financial resources needed for mitigation and to climate adaptation.

Throughout the interviews, ACAI maintained an upbeat and professional tone, demonstrating its expertise and dedication to advancing climate action. The presence of initiative and proactive engagement was well received, fostering a sense of optimism and collective purpose among those involved. ACAI's efforts have not only amplified the call for effective climate policies, but also demonstrated the critical role of advocacy and international cooperation in addressing the urgent challenges posed by climate change.

In conclusion, ACAI's participation in the international conference on afforestation and reforestation in Congo Brazzaville was marked by advocacy. By presenting and distributing flyers on the TAPP Coalition's advocacy for pricing agri-food GHG emissions in OECD countries and China, ACAI effectively raised awareness and garnered support. The initiative's interviews with key stakeholders further solidified alliances and reinforced the importance of unified climate action across the continent.

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